Feature: Custom Fields, Dropdown multi-select

Is it possible to have a custom field that is configured for a dropdown, to allow a user to select multiple? If not, is this in the roadmap/when?


Its on the long term queue:

Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2316

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Yes please the sooner multi select drop down are available the better big :+1:

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@sge you will also push for this right ? :slight_smile:

I 3rd this. It is a significant feature that would have huge impact on custom configuration of our implementation.

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Yes please :star_struck:

hehe … the problem with democracy : )

Has this functionality been released? If yes are there any instructions on how to re-configure drop down lists so they can be set to multi -select.

I would agree. I am on 2.14 and tried to use this functionality on Friday on an existing record and it did not work. Does this need to be configured in a brand new field?

hello everyone,

the original post request is this one:

note the following:


I just did the change from current drop down to multiple select drop down this way.

1:Make a new multiple drop down custom field with all the selections used in the old field.

2:Filter your listening one by one for every old Dropdown-Menü and make the same settings in the multiple Dropdown-Menü.

3: Delete old Dropdown-Menü

For 250 items it took me 2 hours work