Feature - custom fields to accept multiple select

it would be good that drop downs on the custom fields could support multiple selects … a user setting would define if the drop down is multiple or not.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2316

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It would be really great if we can assign multiple labels to a single asset.

We need to expand the current custom fields options to include one more called “Dropdown - Multiple Select” (unfortunately changing the current drop down option to be optionally multiple select or not is simply an insane amount of work)

I think the UI is the same as drop down, of course the difference is that the options selected will be multiple select on the forms. careful make sure you include this on filters and email macros (on the macros, the multiple select show them as bullets)

This requires updates on:

  • filters
  • macros (which would list the items as bullets or comma separated values on the macro)
  • dynamic status
  • reports (on the cell you list more than one items)

done on e2.13.0