Feature - Custom Fields within tabs (Edit Order)

Over time, the addition of custom fields in specific tabs would benefit from the re-ordering.

If there’s a way to do it in the back-end, I can work with that.

yes - this was requetsed in the past and due no traction we removed the issue, i re-opened it but on the long term (too many other things now to work on)


thanks for the suggetsion

Has this every been done and if so how do I reorder?

it has not been done

I would really like to have this option. Re-ordering custom fields on custom tabs and moving custom fields between custom tabs. I have spent a LOT of time re-working custom tabs due to relatively small changes in process or naming conventions, and I expect to run into this ongoing.

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We want to rename these to functionalities:

Custom Fields => Add Custom Fields
Custom Fields Names => Form Customisation

We want to upgrade “Form Customisation” so the user can:

  • hide optional fields (we already have it)

  • rename fields (we already have it)

  • re-organise items across tabs

  • The modal loaded on “Form Customisation” will also show custom fields (if they exist too), not just default fields.

  • The user can drag and drop fields (just custom fields!) across tabs (not sure which element to use here) and in between existing fields. Note: if we can re-organise all fields that would be probably very cool.

  • If a tab is empty (because all fields have been moved away or hidden), the tab when loaded will show a message “This tab wont be shown on to users as all elements have been removed or hidden”

  • Custom Tabs can also be moved in between existing tabs, no longer they must be on the right of the screen

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2090