Feature - Custom Report Macro for Risk Threshold


I am creating a custom report in the Risk Management and I am looking for the Makro for the Risk Threshhold.
I can see the macro for the Risk Score %RISK_RISK_SCORE_ANALYSI% but then I only get the number and not the value from the Risk Appetite.

Any advices?


Does anyone have any ideas on this question?

Have I made it clear what my problem is?


Right now, there is no macro for the threshold or classification.
I’m creating an issue.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4552

Here’s a pseudo-code example of how this could be implemented:
// Retrieve Risk Appetite Threshold
risk_threshold = retrieve_risk_threshold_from_database()

// Retrieve Risk Score

// Compare with Threshold
if risk_score > risk_threshold:
result = “Risk Exceeds Threshold”
result = “Risk Within Threshold”

// Display Result

Documenting this in more detail:

  • you are trying to create an Item Report on the Asset Risk module
  • when you drop a text widget
  • You select macros
  • you miss Analysis and Treatment Thresholds
  • The same happens for the notifications