Feature - Custom Status - Last Comment/Attachment Count by Day Count

I’m working on sorting out notifications and custom statuses within the security incident module and I’m hitting a roadblock for what I want to do - Essentially have some sort of reminder/escalation capability if a certain number of days have passed without any activity on the incident resolution (i.e. a scenario where full recovery/improvements span a longer period of time than something that opens/closes in a day).

One of the ways I was trying to solve this is by setting a Custom Status to trigger when the last comment was made more than (some) days ago (so, anything without a comment would go on blast via the custom status). However, the custom status field only allows comparison to static date ranges (on, before, after, between, not), and not the date ranges. The same seems to go for last attachment. It seems like it would be more logical to have the +/- days counter available for a custom status as opposed to a static range.