Feature - Dashboard links / Drilldown


would it be possible to have the items on the dashboard be clickable links, that alows you to drill down to the items or show a filtered page only showing those items?

example - if i want to know which risks are placed as critical post-treatment, i click on the dashboard and eramba would take me to a filtered list showing the risks that are applicable to the selected criteria (e.g. risk score=45/threshold=Critical)

Kind regards

any graphical development is around 10 times more expensive than simple CRUD development (literally) … so we keep our graphical stuff to the bare minimum until Bill Gates calls us and donates a few millions to our bank accounts!

is nice what you suggest of course , but unfortunately there are many other things realting to reporting we need to achieve first (pivot tables, your own types of charts, etc)

Understandable, gotta get the biggest effect pr. dollar invested :wink:

I was just thinking that the filter used to create the rendering, could be imbedded as links in the representation, and that it would be “an easy target” - but put it on bottom of the list.