Feature - Data Asset Analysis Filter (Ongoing)

Hi Guys,

I know you are looking at filters throughout the system. When I try to get the data analysis filter to filter on a given data asset it just comes back saying active filter is “Search” and not what I actually searched for.

Hey Barry
is that under Asset Management / Data Asset Flows?
We plan a few updates on filters next week, i’ll ask the guys if they can tuck this one too.

Hey Esteban,

Yes that’s under Asset Management/ Data Asset Analysis. I thought you guys were looking at it just thought I would call it out.


Well, the GDPR stuff goes in this section to filters are on the table for sure. I’ll close this issue as its part of the GRPR post - hope thats good with you Barry.

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When will the GDPR option be available in “Data Asset Analysis” I will like to test this in practice?

Hello !
Next week we plan to introduce everyone with an hour long theory on GDPR and how the new functionality will operate.

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