Feature - deletion account delegation

A customer wrote:

We often have staffs changing roles and require their account to be removed and controls assign reallocated to other staffs.

Currently, when we delete an account, their controls are assigned to the administrator. Then, we must manually reallocate those items back to other staffs which is time consuming.

Can we at deletion time select the account to be used to reallocate those items to instead of default admin? This will save us time to have to perform reallocation manually at multiple levels.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/3851

I would love this feature!
Previously I had asked ‘is there any way to run a report listing all the items that a user owns, across all modules?’
At the moment when someone leaves our company, it is quite time consuming to check all the things they owned in Eramba… but yes, reassigning them is even more time consuming.
An account delegation feature would be brilliant!