Feature - different Risk Calculation depending on Business Unit

Hello eramba-team,

at the moment we have big changes in our company structure. And we decided to reconfigure eramba.

We decided to use eramba for our GRC-Department as well as for the Information Security Department.
Most business cases are covered using different business units, so the separation works fine except Risk Management.

Because we have to build up several risk calculation methods but its only possible to configure one methodology.

So it would be nice, if it would be possible to configure multiple risk calculation methods and connect them to the Business Unit.

If you have further question, feel free and contact me

Thanks in Advance


what im going to tell now is not really common in our project, but in this situation im sure it is: the feature you have in mind is literally impossible … too complicated and very particular to your situation im afraid to say … sorry.

@w.franke I’m curious, how do you consistently report on risk if business units are using different methodologies? More than likely you would have to calculate risk outside of Eramba and then come up with a standard way of importing the information so you can consistently report on risk.