Feature - Direct link to item

Say i want to send a risk, incident, exception to someone in my team to have a look at the item - i would like to have a “direct link” that i can copy / paste and simply send over to someone so when clicked the login and get directly to that item. In 1.x template you could simply copy the URI … in 2.x is a little tricker.

Every item has a “Share” button that is aimed at allowing someone that has no “visualisation” rights on the item to actually get them:

We want to expand this a little bit so we can get a URL to the item (without sharing):

Something that when “touched” it will copy the url directly.

Internal reference: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2022


Do you have plans to implement this please? Sharing via direct URL link would be very useful.


not yet , is on the roadmap short term

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following here: Feature - Visualization notifications - #6 by eramba

The “share” button now shares to a user or group and sends an email. It also affects the visualisation settings for that user/group/item.

The added functionality here is that:

  • instead of sharing an email it also gives me a link to share so i dont have to wait for the email
  • the link is there all the time, it does not matter if the user you send the link to has access or not (visualisation or ACL wise). If i share the link to the person and that person does not have ACL access he gets the ACL error permission. If the person does not have visualisation item the item is not shown.

So we need one field below called “Direct Link” and the link to the item. We also write there: “This is a direct link to item you can send to anyone. If the recipient does not have ACL or Visualisation permissions the item wont be shown until you adjust those permissions”.