Feature - Direct link to item

Say i want to send a risk, incident, exception to someone in my team to have a look at the item - i would like to have a “direct link” that i can copy / paste and simply send over to someone so when clicked the login and get directly to that item. In 1.x template you could simply copy the URI … in 2.x is a little tricker.

Every item has a “Share” button that is aimed at allowing someone that has no “visualisation” rights on the item to actually get them:

We want to expand this a little bit so we can get a URL to the item (without sharing):

Something that when “touched” it will copy the url directly.

Internal reference: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2022


Do you have plans to implement this please? Sharing via direct URL link would be very useful.

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not yet , is on the roadmap short term

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following here: Feature - Visualization notifications - #6 by eramba