FEATURE - Display of complete task description in Project Management

In Project Management the Task -descriptions is truncated after 48 character and only shown with mouseover as hint-information.

Please see the example below, nobody can read the tasks of the data protection officer and the tasks can’t be managed anymore by the project leader and can’t be used anymore in the team to discuss the different processes for the tasks.

in our opinion it is very important to display all information. What do other Eramba users think?


Yes, I completely agree. This was nicer in Eramba V1.
There should be at least a Report or a view where the description is bigger (could even be multiline with a smaller font to keep it small). Maybe the full Content is too much, I’m writing larger stories in the description sometimes, but about 256 chars should be ok imo.

the swiss-germans complotting against eramba !!! :slight_smile:

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