Feature - Document Classification Option

I am currently migrating all of our policies, standards and processes etc in to Eramba using the ‘Use Content’ option and it manages them very well (Despite the content field not being large enough to hold lengthy documents - been raised!), but I feel one area is missing. This is around Document/Data Classification, there is currently no way of effectively managing the classification of the document unless you create a custom field, which in itself works well, but the custom field doesn’t show on the document itself under view mode/export! I know I can add the classification in to the document text, but it would be a better self contained feature if this can be set using a default, much like when you select ‘Document Type’ and shown as an entry on the ‘View mode’.
I may be missing something here and I am more than happy to take advice or even get views of what everyone else does around this.

Ok, so I have just customised the Description field as ‘Classification’ and seems to do what I want, but unfortunately when you ‘View’ the document the Description field title is still there, so its not taking in to account custom field names!, this is a BUG now.

i think this field is typically used on the policy module to label your documents (confidential, triple x, etc)

Thank you for your reply, but using this method does not show up when you View the document either.
I have changed the name of the ‘Description’ field using customisation to ‘Classification and Description’, but the View option does not respect the customisation name.

We should add the label field on the view action then … is that what you mean?

Yes great idea and maybe fix the Customised field names as well.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3353
Int. ref. II: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3354


Is there any update as to when the issues will be fixed?

not in the next 10 days , that we know for sure as release 3.11 has been already planned and is being developed

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Is there any update as to when this will make it to a release?


It was not yet taken into any release.