Feature - dont force sync on compliance mappings

On e3.23.1:

When you create a mappings it automatically syncs in between source and destination … which is ok because whatever internal control, policy, etc will be sync.

The problem is when you remove the mapping, currently what was sync will stay on the “Destination”. People needs to bulk edit those items on the compliance analysis (remove the associations). Also some people want’s to map things just for “Informational purposes” (they would show on the compliance analysis module the columns with the mappings).

For this reason we need a third column on the mappings:

Field: Synchronisation
Description: if set to yes, eramba will sync from the source to the destination. If set to no, eramba will not sync items.
Options: Yes (default), Informational

Careful with:

  • Mapping CSV Imports needs a new column: Select “yes” or “no” if you want source items (internal control, policies, etc) to be automatically synchronised
  • We need bulk-edits for this field alone on the mapping section (complianceManagementMappingRelations). If someone bulk edits this from “Yes” to “No”, you stop doing the sync and what was already sync stays sync. If someone bulk edits this from “No” to “Yes” you start the sync.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2634