Feature - dynamic status where all project tasks 100%

It would be great to have dynamic status to trigger based on Project Task completion, i.e., completion of all project tasks = 100%

Background -

  • We (infosec team) allow project owners to add and edit project tasks and add comments to projects. We expect owners to update progress.
  • We don’t allow owners to edit projects.
  • As part of our workflow to close a project, infosec need to validate completion so we can adjust asset risk scores and mark the project as complete.
  • Infosec would like an easy way to identify which projects are complete according to the owner, and ready for validation without having to read comments or ask the owner to email the infosec team. E.g. have a dynamic status of “Complete - Ready for Review” when all Project Tasks are marked as complete AND project status = ongoing.

Dynamic status do cover task:

But what i noticed is not integer but char and therfore you cant use > < = , etc … is that what you mean?


In Project Tasks I have a dynamic status of “Complete” when “How completed is this task” includes 100%. See following screen shot.

When all project tasks for a particular project have a dynamic status of Complete, illustrated in following screenshot…

I’d like to have a dynamic status for the Project when all project tasks are marked as complete. At the moment the only options are at least one, or none. See screen shot below.

I hope this makes more sense now.

@eramba I’m just checking to see if you have had a chance to read my reply. Thanks!

Very good of you to “remind us” , sorry this week has been very busy with online trainings. please next time dont keep waiting for our endless delays, just drop an email to support@eramba.org !

I see that you are trying to inherit the task status you created on the project, the dropdown you highlight with the red arrow (drunk man arrow as i called them!) indicates that if ALL TASKS which belong to the project are “completed” then it will be inherited. what you are implying here is that if a project has 4 tasks and only 1 is completed the status is inherited , right? you want the status to be inherited if ALL tasks have that status…is this correct?

i think this has potential for a feature as it would be applicable in many scenarios and is not impossible to build it, before we do that planning please confirm if i got it right.

Yes that’s correct. Have an option to inherit if ALL tasks have the status, in addition to the existing options: if none, or at least 1.

i think i made it work on demo-e2 without making changes … it just came now in my head that this could work and probably it does, but you tell me:

1/ create a dynamic status on tasks that triggers on task completion = %100 (you know how to do this one)

2/ create a dynamic status on project that triggers when all child items of the project status = “task completed”

Fantastic. That works. :+1: