Feature - Easier way to delete controls

Often I have to add new controls and also delete some over the year.

Can you in the future make it a little bit easier to delete controls? Yesterday A had to delete an control that is related to 9 risk. (all our risk and controls are of course related). The control cannot be delete from the control module. I have to go and find every risk one by one an remove the relation to the specific control before I can delete the control. That’s take a lot of time.

I would like a warning when deleting the control saying “Warning: “you are about deleting a control related to these risks: A, B, C, D, E, F… If you delete the control the risk do not have this relation anymore. Do you want to proceed?”


the delete control must be there otherwise the db is a mess as soon as you delete things, you can create a filter showing the column with all related risks and then use the shortcut that will take you to the riks module showing this risks

you can also go to the risk module and filter by that control…