FEATURE - Edit project tasks and comments in one window

The current way of working to process comments and tasks is unfortunately complicated and takes a lot of time.

The user must add a new comment to a task by opening a new window. To add a new date or a progress, this window must be closed, the screen is reloaded (which takes some time) and then a new window for task editing has to be opened.

An easier way is to use the way of work from the V1.x version and to offer either editing tasks as well as comments and attachments in one window.


What do other users think?

Do other users also consider this feature useful?
It would simplify the way of working and the clarity very much.

Yes, you have my support once again :slight_smile:

But it’s not only for project tasks. It would be convenient for controls as well. Often we are attaching supporting documents to the controls. Here we also need to select a new window to add the document or a comment.


i’m sorry but is really unlikely this change will happen since is a huge change to move things around and right now we have other battles to fight … this coming release (r2.0.16) will improve the ux tables and we’ll slowly try to do improvements as we can.