Feature - Enabling two factor auth (no due date)

Hi all,

I’m interested in openingn up our Eramba instance to vendors using the third pary audit feature.

First, I’d like to enable 2FA- possibly Duo:

Has anyone enabled 2FA on their install?




Hi Michael!

We had a request from the past to include both, SAML and 2-Factor authentication, cake has plugins for both (this would simplify the implementation) and is really likely we’ll do it sooner or later.

This is the issue we had tracked (is an internal issue)

Our roadmap for the coming months is really complicated, but we’ll try to shed some light in the coming weeks when we could have this stuff done.

Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks for your response. Do you have an update to share? I would really like to see SAML or 2FA on eramba, since we really do not want to leave a portal (containing our top risks) behind a password open to world.

hello ! no updates on this yet , we need to fix quite a few things on the LDAP front first which is used by pretty much everyone. We’ll try to review this in a couple of months from now. Sorry :frowning: