Feature - European Banking Authority (EBA) Impacts

I use the EBA calculation method in Risk Management as I find it a great way of assessing risks across different impact scenarios under the one risk umbrella and it works for us.
I tend to use 3 (Max allowed) impacts e.g. Business Impact, System Impact and Financial Impact as in Fig.1 and this creates not only 3 matrices, but also enables 3 sections to score under the Analysis and Treatment tabs for the risk.
The problem is that the sections under the tabs are not easily identified when you have more than 1 impact defined, would it be possible to either pull through the names of the impacts as titles and containerise them as separate sections or allow customisation on those fields (First option would be better) similar to the highlighted below in Fig.2 for both Analysis and Treatment tabs?



Something like a frame around would help?

That would be perfect if possible as it would give some visual separation, but would be even better if the frame could be titled with the Impact name label somehow.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3504

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