Feature: Export policy (set as content) to PDF through Policy Portal?

I frequently have customers requesting updated security policies. For their own audit purposes they must retain a copy of each policy.

Ideally the customer would be able to login to the Policy Portal with local credentials (preferred over AD but not critical) and export the policies to PDF (a “download all policies” button would be best).

Is this possible?

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Hello !

You can upload anything to the portal and authenticate users with AD, that is part of the policy portal:

and also check how authentication and portals work:

Once at the portal, the “download” only applies to the policy document itselfs (if you used an attachment, otherwise there will be a URL), the page looks like this:

Have a look at the documentation, if you cant make it work raise a ticket to support so we help you out


Thanks. It appears this approach does not work if the policy “Document Content” type is set to “Use Content”. Is this correct?

Correct ,the “content” form does not include that … we could probably do it with the new template, i’m logging an issue for this.


internal ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1396

Any update on this feature now that we’re on the new template? This is one of the few remaining features that’s key for us.

hi taylor - no updates here (or pretty much anywhere except the new template as that has been the big fight for some months) … i re-tagged this to our short term plan now.

we have interest in doing it … we just have to sort out the new template so it works for everyone. patience (even more) and sorry!

Is this still on the short term roadmap?

hello there,

it was on the short-term queue but “Closed” , im not sure why - i just re-opened and set it for prio-1, this means that we’ll try to squeeze this for the next release, is an important one.


This issue was duplicated, updating all to: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1997

What is the status of this? This is starting to get really frustrating…


is scheduled for r2.0.15 - so it should be out this week.

we have many things to do and altough we listen feedback from the community is our job to steer this boat, so please be advised that many times we dont do things when we say we will ! (unless you pay for a custom work).