Feature - Extend Module Dynamic Status capabilities

I was trying to create a dynamic status on the organisation module that triggers when:

  • third party = supplier


  • third party related Compliance Management / online assessments status DO NOT MATCH incomplete


  • the count for this calendar year of third party related Compliance Management / online assessments is ZERO

but i found out that we miss on dynamic status two things in this section:

1- related status of online assessments
2- and extended function capabilities that count not just “childs” but “related items”

#1 is obvious, is just applying dynamic status to this section … but #2 is a different thing we dont have today and im sure we need … what we miss is the ability to use dynamic status functions to count related items, not just “childs”.

so for example in orgaization / third party i have the following related items based on the help functionality:

so if i want a dynamic status to trigger when there is NO incident associated with a given third party, i simply cant do that now with dynamic statuses becuse we dont have function capabilities with related items, just childs.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2456