Feature - Feedback Reminders (fixed r34)

When we create a notification, we are able to get “Feedback”.

The red portion of feedback is “dumb” , meaning it will keep sending emails no matter if “feedback” (which in the end is comments or attachments) have been provided.

It would make sense to make it “smart”, and:

  • check if feedback has been received or not.
  • Notify the owner of that object that feedback has been received (this is optional, some items do not have “owners”)

Otherwise, If you create a task in a project (Security operations / Project Management) and request feedback, how can you tell when you got that feedback or not ? or if you want a report of “missing feedback” how you get it?

what you think?

@martin will love this one … not.

I would appreciate the implementation. :smiling_imp:

Currently the second reminder e-mail has to be ignored by the receiver. I suspect this could lead to total ignorance.

I assumed it would have been like that already (we only use notifications without feedback up to now). So yes, there is a need for implementing this. :slight_smile:

Any other idea in this regard?

how does the feedback page look like right now? Is it useful? Could are more data?

afaik on the feedback page there is now just the title plus the note and attachment icons. For our purposes it is enough at the moment, but I could imagine that there could be the need to see more information, e.g. for exceptions to see the details, maybe even comments or for controls to see the audit criteria. Of course it should be possible to enable and disable it depending on the notification.

So we are all on the same page, this is what a feedback page looks like today (in the case of a Security Service Audit).

When you press on “Continue” you get:

If you try the link again, you get:

I can think of the following options on the notification (when you select “feedback”)

  • Notify the owner of the object (or whoever the user decides on the notification) when feedback was provided
  • Let the user provide feedback more than once
  • Let the user see the same information (not change it) as the owner sees…for example a security service would show:

Anyway, its clear there is a but as reminders keep going off even when feedback was provided:

  • Stop sending reminders when feedback has been provided
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We could not address what is shown on the portal, we are blocked by workflows. This bit is still an open issue and will on the backlog.

I was working with this today (we are refactoring notifications from scratch) and came to the following conclusions:

  • We’ll put a link to the title of the object, if clicked it will take them to the object (if they have access to see it) … in that way they can see what the stuff is all about.
  • We’ll allow users to provide feedback more than once
  • We’ll keep records of every time they provided feedback. This in fact is already happening (system records for the object, we’ll just update teh text displayed).

I’m planning to use feedback to have ACK of notifications - imagine you have a policy or control and you setup a notification that goes every 60 days that on the body describes what is the important stuff these people needs to look at and you tell them to provide feedback to ACK they have understood that.

This would be useful like a “light” awareness training in my view. In particular since groups will soon be an option for all object roles.

Feedback will change with the new template, a summary of what feedbacks will include is here:

  • new ux
  • will show the item (optionally)
  • you will be able to setup a welcome text (rich html) on the feedback
  • you will have a submit button
  • simpler comment / attachment (multiple) options