Feature - File storage settings (Local File System|AWS S3)

Because of our plans to move to a saas platform, we need to get rid of all files on the filesystem and move them somewhere else as an option.

Under “General Settings” we need an option called “File Storage Settings” where a modal opens up and a drop down lets the user choose in between:

  • Local File System
  • AWS S3

If the user clicks Local File System, we show a message below (informative list of every local path used for each type of file, etc) and a “Test” which will basically run a test on the permissions.

If the user clicks AWS S3, we show settings to define AWS S3 connection ,etc … these settings will be stored on the db. A “Test” button is shown that checks if the endpoint works and the response speed it got

The files to be stored:

  • attachments
  • account reviews
  • awareness module
  • logs
  • mails
  • policy module(?)
  • something else?

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3384