Feature - Filter by Duration (due for r41)

When filtering results it would be great if you could say for example, give me all the Compliance Exceptions due next month or give me all the support contracts that are expiring in 6 months time.

At the moment you would need to set up or edit the existing filters on a monthly basis

I’m supporting this feature request as well. Just wanted to setup such a filter within project management but had to see that there is no such possibility.


Question, for compliance exceptions, isnt this what you need?

I’m likely not picking up what is needed here, but im asking since we are updating filters for workflows and we could include this too.

Let me know with an example, can you? (slow head here)


HI Esteban,

Instead of saying expiration on and selecting a static date. If you could say that expiration on in a month or another number of months in the future.

This means you would not need to set up static filters every month to find out what exemptions are due to expire. Each month this would dynamically give you the information you need.

I hope this make sense.

i think i get it now , something like this:

So instead of saying 26th February, you would say “Next Month”.

I’ll check with devs, but it sounds like a tricky one , meaning it needs a few tweaks in several places.

Yip that’s the one :wink:

Gotcha - I’ll issue it on github but until we complete workflows i cant tell for sure when we can do this one guys :frowning:

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This feature will be available in the following filters:

Asset Management / Asset Identification / Policy Reviews
Control Catalogue / Security Services / Audits
Control Catalogue / Security Services / Maintenances
Control Catalogue / Policy Management / Policy Reviews
Risk Management / All three types of Risk / Risk Reviews
Risk Management / Risk Exceptions
Control Catalogue / Policy Exceptions
Compliance Management / Compliance Exceptions
Compliance Management / Compliance Findings
Security Operations / Project Management
Security Operations / Project Management / Tasks

The options will be “Next Week”, “Last Week”, “Last Month”, “Next Month” and included on the drop down, if any of these two options is selected the field on the right gets disabled.

In the case of Reviews (Assets, Policies, Audits, Maintenances) you have several dates so we also need this options there.

This feature will be used when we save filters, so when a notification is sent (a filter notification) the filter is “smart” with the dates.


We just implemented this and it seems to be working, a quick overview on how it looks:

The options are 7,14,30 (we can add more) and they are combined with the drop down on the left “before, on, after”.

Their meaning is as follow (for + dates):

Their meaning is as follow (for - dates):

This is essential for reports and dashboards of course and will be part of the release we are trying to close this week.


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