Feature - Filter Tabs Re-Organisation

well, im not sure if this is a feature or something we build the wrong way to start with , but the tabs on the filters many times are not really clear - is like options follow no clear method. for example, internal controls filters look like this:

where “mitigation” has all asociations possible … instead of building it that way, we’ll create one tab per asociated section on the filter, so instead of “mitigation” you will have:

  • “Policies” (and all possible policies filter)
  • “Risk - Asset”
  • “Risk - TP”
  • “Compliance”

Remember asociations are documented on our documetnation portal:

so for internal controls…

you get all those possible asocaitions … (i did nto highlight all !) … those will in theory become tabs.

this will make filters easier to understand … is a big and very sensitive change so we will do one or two sections per release…so far if you look at roadmap we put them already on the short term strategy: