Feature - Filters based on "current user"

I would like to create filters based on the current user, e.g. a “My Tasks” filter where I can define as filter condition Task Owner = Current User.

Of course I can create a private filter for myself, filtering for myself as Task Owner, but this cannot be reused by others. I’d prefer to create a public filter using a sort of “variable” for the current user, so that it would work for all users.

Is there a way to do it and I didn’t see it, or would that be a new feature?

I also think it could be nice as an Admin-user to make a default filter related to the different user-groups. An example is that I have some 1st line audit owners that are confused, because when they log in they can see all there audits, also the audits from last year. And not only the current expired audit.
Instead of that I help every single of them making an “private” filter, it could be nice that I could make one for all members in a group