Feature - Filters in "List of Project Tasks" (project management)

The “List of project tasks” window contains a lot of information that makes the list too large and is probably not relevant for all users.

The use of a filter -as in the other views- would greatly simplify the view and would, for example, allow the selection of uncompleted tasks.

My proposal:

It is listed on the roadmap (https://roadmap.eramba.org/)
Item 2012 - Filters-Project Management (2012) Filters Security Operations / Project Mgt

you can also edit the filter, remove all the columns you dont want to see, save the filter and voila ! you dont see any more the columns you dont like.

Wait - i think i know what you mean, you are using the project menu shortcut for “Tasks” that opens a window rather than the Task tab right ? that window does not include the filter option - is that what you mean?

Yes you’re right. I mean the window which currently doesn’t have the filter possibility.

This window is opened in “Project Management” when you edit a project and click on “tasks”

yes - we are discussing how best to address this, we seem to have two options:

1/ we add filters on the window

2/ we add columns that list all audits as a number, we have a similar appraoch on the online assessment questionnaire … when you click on the number you get redirected to the tab with a filter pre-defined.

We are inclined for option #2

I’ll keep you posted

Short term: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2097

we will include a column with the counter of related (tasks in this case) , when clicked it takes . you tto the filter of tasks. this logic will be applied on every section with child sections.