Feature - filters to be read only (control clicks using ACL)

on e3.11.0:

if i want to let a user click on saved filters but i want to prevent the user from:

  • adding a new filter
  • saving changes made to a filter

There is only one node for this:

If is enabled im able to use the “save” button:

if it is disabled i dont see filters at all:

We should have the following nodes:

  • Use Filters
  • Add Fitlers
  • Save Filters

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3476

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Thanks for adding this to the roadmap.

It’s exactly what we request on this Topic Feature - Differentiate current filter permissions - Forum - Software - eramba

many changes will be done on the filters , but after the summer … during the summer we need to finish some chart work , new website, learning portal and saas … haha lets hope we finish at least one of those!

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