Feature - GDPR Compliance Package (done)


@kristijan.sabic has prepared a compliance package for GDPR, its public now at the compliance package documentation.


Once you upload it look a bit like this:

We are also working with templates - its a bit tedious and is taking longer than expected, but we are slowly getting there. We have prepared controls and policies (which are actually written) for PCI-DSS and ISO (almost done). it will follow HIPAA and GDPR.

@kristijan.sabic is also working this week on ISO 27001:2013 compliance package (right now we have 27002 or 27001 ANNEX A). @walter.williams came up with this idea - thanks!


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Great work thanks for publishing.
Had to remove the blank lines, and currently fixing some output of caracters ex.

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Just learnt from @b.stephenson that BSI launched “BSI 10012:2013” , their “PIMS” (Privacy Information Management System) new business line.

We might make a compliance package out of it (after paying the 120 quid of course)

I think I’m missing something as I do not see the “Compliance Packages” in the resource documentation (located where the screenshot indicates they are) - only the Compliance Templates. Am I missing something?

yes, we put the wrong image…

and the link:

check the forum, BSI came up in March 2017 with their own standard for GDPR … pretty sure that will become iso something in the future.