Feature - granular control of residual scores (due for 1st may)

Though i know it is not recommended, i have altered the “app/View/Helper/AppHelper.php” in order to make my residual risk precision more granualar.

maybe it would be helpful to some, to be able to establsish a more or les granular control.

in the section below i’ve changed the steps from increments of 10% to increments of 5%
maybe this could be added to the general settings? (always having a 100% as max residual score, shouldn’t make it a dificult task to ask the user what level of granularity is wanted 100/x= multiplier)

public function getPercentageOptions( $multiplier = 20 ) {
            $percentages = array();
            for ( $i = 0; $i <= $multiplier; $i++ ) {
                    $val = $i * 5;
                    $percentages[ $val ] = CakeNumber::toPercentage( $val, 0 );

            return $percentages;

it’s only a suggestion and of little importance - i would just prefer not to change code directly - but handle it via settings instead:)

We will make a setting so granularity can be chosen with a drop down, options: 1,5, 10 (default).


Sorry: https://github.com/kisero/eramba_v2/issues/578