Feature - GRC Templates published

We have made public our new template section on our website, this is the updated version of opensourcegrc.org website. In in this section you will find:

  • Multiple frameworks (compliance pacakges) such as ISO, PCI, CIS, SOC2, Etc
  • For each of their requirements, policies and internal control templates
  • We have also published Questionnaires that you can use on the Online Assessment module

Is all under Creative Commons license and of course you can download (CSV ready format to import in eramba) and import in eramba or any other tool you use.

Please use the documentation before asking questions! GRC Templates | Eramba learning portal


Hi & Thanks for all the templates!.
Just noticed this minor issue: when clicking on an internal control, the “Success Criteria” section is showing the Testing Methodology content.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the report, it is fixed now.

Hi, thank you for the templates! We have also noticed that when you try to download the Questionnaires it downloads the same file for the 3 of them “vendor-assessments_vendor-assessment-questionnaires.csv”.



Yes, the name of the file is the same but the content is different.

I see… thanks!