Feature - Hide, make optional, and edit attribute values

In different implementations of Eramba in clients, these have been recurring themes and we believe that the following functionalities are necessary to include in the customisation of attributes (“system” or “custom” attributes):

  • Give more flexibility when displaying or hiding attributes (have the possibility to hide as many attributes as possible).

  • Give more flexibility in making attributes optional or mandatory (have the possibility to make as many attributes as possible optional).

  • Give flexibility on attribute level permissioning. That is, to be able to indicate in some way whether an attribute is editable by a certain group, to indicate whether an attribute is read-only, etc.

what you mean by “attributes”, are you referring to form fields?

Yes, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to the fields (system or custom fields).

ok , perhaps you did already, but have you looked at custom fields ?

Sure, nice learning!

It is clear to me how it works, but the points I mentioned previously cannot be achieved with the current functionality and I consider that based on the comments from different clients, it would be very helpful to incorporate them, since it would give a lot of flexibility in the tool to cover the different requirements that arise.