Feature - improve history and restores

Changes for any item are stored and displayed as:

and then if clicked as:

While this allows us to see and restore things we cant search, report or make notifications out of it.

We need to make history on every section shown as an index the same way “trash”, we will call the item “Trails”. On the sections we will have a pre-defined column, as we have with “Status” called “Trails” that will have a quick link with the counter to this section.

When clicked there, we’ll be shown an index that will show:

  • Who (user account)
  • When (date)
  • Did What (Created, Edited, Deleted, Updated Status, Trigger Notification) -the list might extend as new features are created)
  • To Whom (this is the item name)
  • Details (this shows, depending on the what, the changes before and after if applicable)

Note: Created, Deleted, Status Change and Trigger Notification have hardcoded messages as “Details”. Edited is the only one that needs to show changes. Who needs to be “System” when referring to “Changed Status or Triggered Notification”.

The index should include the typical top menu with:

  • Filters
  • Dynamic Status
  • Notifications (Warning, Report alone)
  • In the future Reports

This information will be used later on for reporting, for example to include on the Item System Report a filter of the changes for this given item, or changes or time, etc.