Feature - Incident Module form & stages

On e3.22.1:

  • if you go to incident module
  • create 3 stages, for example: “a” => “description a”, “b” => “description b”, “b” => “description c”
  • create an incident , these three stages will be created

The issue is when stages are CRUD:

  • change stage “a” so its name is “aa”

  • all existing, created stages will be renamed to “aa”

  • delete a stage

  • that stage will be removed from all existing incidents

  • add a stage

  • that stage will be added to all existing incidents, therefore all incidents will be changed to “lifecycle incomplete”

The point here is:

  • changes to the stage settings affect ONLY “Open” incidents and new incidents, not closed ones.
  • we miss the feature to re-organize existing stages (order)

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4537