Feature - Mail Queue Size Setting (r48)

Is there a way to change the mail queue size? I’ve been adding more awareness programs to the system then it can notify. This means individuals are logging into the portal, working through all open programs, then days later get an invite for a program they already finished :frowning:

I saw somewhere that the system is set to send out 15 per hour which seems very very low. I’m currently over 5000 emails behind and at this rate will take forever to get sent out. Can i set to 200+ per hour somewhere?

Yep - this can be done, we started with 15 because we wanted to keep it “under control”, but is working ok this for some time is clearly safe to increase it.

This will become a setting under System / Settings / Email Settings

By default it will be 15

Field name: Email Queue Throughput
Field description: All emails sent by eramba go first to a queue (System / Settings / Email Queue) which flushes as the hourly cron runs (System / Settings / Crons Jobs). This setting defines how many emails are flushed out of the queue every time the hourly cron runs. We do not recommend increasing the size by more than 50 as the cron might time out while sending emails (the cron will run by 5 minutes at most).

Forgot: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1048

Is there a way to change a config locally so I can push out my missing 5,000 emails? (Or even fire a job manually via CLI to get it caught up?)

I changed the queue size to 500, increased PHP memory to 4 gigs and changed max execution time to 10 minutes for safety and the job looks like it ran successfully. It ran in 39 seconds.

Nope, there is no command that will speed up this process. The new update with the setting should come later this week btw.

Please keep an eye, we have not seen anyone with this many users on the awareness training.