Feature: make it possible again for the Policy Portal to be login-free

Up until a couple of weeks ago,
it was possible to set up login-free access to the Eramba Policy Portal.

This suited our company very well: we host Eramba behind our own VPN, and so once staff have logged in to our VPN, they can access company policies without any further friction.

The recent release 3.23.0 (? I think - sorry I cannot make head nor tail of the change logs on Releases - eramba ) removed this ability.

Now, if I have any policies in the policies module set to ‘Private’ (I use this setting for all obsolete/withdrawn policies), it triggers a login screen for the Policies Portal.

Although staff could click ‘Login as Guest’ on this screen, it is unnecessary friction for them, they get confused by it and instead try to figure out what credentials they need to log in.
It was hard enough as it is to get staff to read company policies without this new issue. :sweat_smile:

Please can we have the old pre-3.23.0 behaviour back, so there doesn’t have to be a login screen for the Policy Portal?