Feature - Make item history available in item reports

Currently working on building out a customer’s environment and they have a need for CFR11 e-signature compliance for their completed maintenances/audits/other things. While I’m still working through the exact process flow on how that is able to be accomplished, one of the definite needs is to add the ability to export/print the item history.

Current state → Item history is available when you click on the hamburger menu for a given item. It displays in a modal that does not show the user (if they took a screenshot) what item is being shown, it only shows the edits. To take the screenshot/export, the user has to expand every one of the history nodes to show all of the changes (which is not efficient).

Future desired state (options) →

Option 1. Improve the history modal to print the item that the history is related to and have the ability to export the history to PDF without the user needing to expand anything.

Option 2. Add a macro to the Item Report that will print out that item’s edit history within the report.

Option 2 is the preferred option as it gives us more flexibility with report scheduling/automation so we would not have to manually retrieve the history report upon request.

I may come up with more things related to CFR11’s requirements, but I’m also guessing this is a bit of a corner case that anything beyond this may not be beneficial to a majority of users here…