Feature - Mass download of attachments

I’ve been doing a little research, and I’ve seen that we can download all the system files in “Files Backup”. However, the name given to the files does not seem to follow a logical relationship that can be followed to associate it with the different system element records.

To make this association, it occurred to me to do it via API, since I can make an API call on the ID of an element and obtain the names of the attached files associated with that element. However, for Controls for example, you would have to make an API call for each control, to obtain that relationship. Isn’t there an API call on a complete section to obtain the Control ID - Name attached files relationship, and thus be able to quickly identify the attached files with their respective controls?

Or perhaps implement a way in the application itself to mass download files attached to items. For example, downloading all files attached to controls and somehow knowing which control those downloaded files are related to.

i would re-phrase the post by first explaining what the problematic is, is not clear what “mass download of attachments” mean. let’s go step by step : )