Feature - Merge Comments and Attachments into one modal (window)

In eramba comments and attachments are “separated” entities, this means they dont relate one with another. This is challenge, you upload a file and want to provide a description and is not directly linked.

We would need to “merge” comments and attachments into one window , sorted by “date” (newest on top) so is more like a normal conversation. When you edit the form of any item you should also be able to see the same thing:

This allows users to put comments and attachments as an item is created or edited. The tab would be on the top right , with another colour and an icon that shows this is the case. If the user has disabled ACL for:

  • index comments , show the tab but put a comment “You are not allowed to see comments”
  • add, show comments but disable the field for adding new items
  • any other related acl?

Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2300

Later on it would be interested to have “mentions” that would trigger a notification (@someone).

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Weren’t the comments / attachements already merged in releases befor 2.x ??

Comments and attachments are sepated “Tables” in eramba and in the window too:

This was also in 1.x … but in 1.x you could add comments and attachments from the “forms” directly. many people asked us to put that feature back.