Feature - Modification of a created awareness program


I will start with the productive use of the awareness training in the next weeks. So I was playing around with the configuration possibilities. After having created an awareness program I recognized, that some values (e.g. LDAP Groups, Recurrence, Reminders Amount, Ignored Users, …) cannot be changed anymore even the program has not been started.

Is it possible to allow the modification of these values based on the status of the program (started or not)? This would safe a lot of time by avoiding the creating of a completely new program.

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The reason we blocked this options is because the logic becomes madness , in particular which groups are attached to the training. Recurrence and reminders amount could be left to modifications, we would need to do some additional testing before doing that, but it is likely that it would work.

We tested yesterday a bug reported by Barry , after looking at it it seems as his AD is sending the wrong stuff to eramba, anyway we’ll be looking further into it today and tomorrow. As we do that i’ll test what happens if we modify those two fields “Recurrence” and “Reminders Amount” , perhaps is safe to free them for modifications.

As to the “Bug” I mentioned, the explanation is on Barry’s post:

We need to test the other bit, give us a few more days please.

just spoke with @kristijan.sabic , he’ll do the testing next week.

I see that later adjustments will compromise the logic and is therefore not possible.

But maybe you could create a “Clone Awareness Program”-Function. This function will create a new program which is pre-filled with the content of the existing one. With this function it will save a lot of time an will prevent copy-and-paste errors.

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Hi Markus!

Would the “Clone” also copy:

1- the list of people on the program at the time the clone was executed
2- the list of people who had done trainings or who has not completed them yet?

Or you had in mind just copying settings and “thats it”

Any more suggestions on the awareness program (once we collect a few “things” we put them all together on a release, for example this is the case for notifications that will include the stuff you asked and a few other things too) ?

I thought on a copy of the settings (frequency, texts, uploaded files, etc.) with or without the AD_groups and excluded users.

Our use-case is, that we would like to have always a test-awareness program with reduced users. After their confirmation that everything is ok, we start with the real one. So the content (text, uploaded files, etc) is the same, only the addressed AD-groups are different.

Beside that we use nearly the same texts for the trainings. Only the video and quiz is different.

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I would love to have the ability to clone awareness program and agree with other posters that it will save time in configuration and testing.