Feature - Moving Crontabs to CLI (Not Apache)

We will be moving cron calls which are now made with a wget http://server/cron/(daily|yearly|hourly)/$key for a standard CLI php call … something like php /var/www/eramba_v2/app/cron/daily

Using http for this was a bad idea (10 years old idea) as:

  • is hard for people to understand the key concept
  • http uses redirects and many times it gets trapped on proxy, firewall, etc and is hard to see what is going on
  • timeouts , network layer timeouts in particular are painful as these processes do more and more tasks and they simply take longer to run

We’ll support both: CLI and Web crons for a while until we fully transition to CLI crons, this will be configured at System / Settings / Cron Key:

There will be the option of “Web Cron” and “CLI Cron” , if the “Web” is chosen then the key will be an option as it is now. If the “CLI Cron” is selected then a greyed parragraph will be shown with the cron entries that needs to be inserted:

@hourly /usr/bin/php /var/ww…path to the hourly cron file
@daily /usr/bin/php /var/ww…path to the daily cron file
@yearly /usr/bin/php /var/ww…path to the yearly cron file

When running on CLI, no key is required.

We also think there might be a little more speed on crons when run trough CLI , a quick test showed that there is an improve of %30, havent tried but perhaps if you nice the process it could go quicker?

This is likely to come by the end of next week

ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2177

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I know this article was posted back in May, but is CLI not supported on Apache? I’ve been able to get it to work, but not very consistently, so I’ve had to switch back to using the URLs.

CLI crons work just fine … well , at least that is why what we have seen. More than %60 of our customers have already switched. if you have trouble please contact support@eramba.org!