Feature - negative scores when using OA questionaires

When creating a questionaire with dropdown answers, we want to use scores. The current feature assumes score results are always positive, we want to make scores to be negative.

If we have 3 chapters, based on their score we can tell if the supplier is “Safe” or “Dangerous” based on data they manage, etc. This measures the “Negatives” of the supplier.

If we want to measure the positive things of the supplier, such as they have ISO etc we would like these to “reduce” the negative values and therefore showing a lower total score.

For this we need a way to score negative values. In the attached spreadsheet we have TWO questionaires, they are identical the difference is on the chapter 4, “Certifications” one has positive scores and thereofre their final score is a positive result (yellow column)

and the other has negative scores and therefore the end result is negative (yellow column):

When we tested this on the current version e3.23.2 we found out that if we trigger negative scores eramba calculates them as follow:

we would like to see there -10

The total score is also a little strange when using negative score values.

Consulting_Supplier_Basic_v2.0.xlsx (132.7 KB)