Feature - New compliance package templates

Hi, I have made myself a couple of new Compliance Package templates, I thought I would share them, if anyone else finds them useful?

One is for the newer version of SOC2 (2017, minor update 2020) (see Trust Services and Information Integrity ) – the existing template in Eramba is for the 2016 version.)

The other is for the British Standards Institute’s ‘Publically Available Specification’ PAS 1296: 2018, which is a Code of Conduct for best practice in Online Age Checking. (see Loading... )
(NOTE - the PAS1296 is a standard you have to purchase from the BSI shop, rather like the ISO standards - so I guess I shouldn’t just upload that for free :wink: Am happy to share it with the Eramba team though, so they can make it available to people who have provided proof of purchase, as with ISO)

SOC2-TSP2017-Eramba-CSV.csv (82.0 KB)

Hello David,

Thank you very much! Yes, you can send them to support@eramba.org and I will also put them to our pre-configured compliance packages in documentation.