Feature - new Status (not performed)


I am missing a “Not Performed” status for the audits. This will help a lot to understand and justify such status. Here is my idea:
Lets assume we have 2 audits for the same control: audit A, audit B

  1. Audit A planned date has passed and its was not performed (status: audit expired - as it is today)
  2. Audit B is created for the same controls
  3. Audit A status changes to “not performed” (purple or blue colour tag) with possibility of adding a rational for it

In this way when we look at a control audit history it will be easy to understand: audits performed (passed or failed) and audits not performed (rational why).

i’m lost on this part … sorry … can you try explaining this in some other way?

See this example. Instead of expired, should be not performed. I see the expire state as an audit that should have been done, it is not done yet but still ongoing. Basically deadline missed but still open to be performed.

As soon as you add a new audit for the same control (newer date) then the previous one should be closed as not performed with some kind of rational why was not perform during that time period.

I think what you need is to use custom fields on the audit tab, create a dropdown with your options “ongoing, etc” … then create a dynamic status that triggers only if the custom field == ongoing

1/ Create custom field

2/ complete one audit record which is expired as “ongoing” (using the custom field)

3/ create a dynamic status with the matching conditions

4/ get the new status

5/ optionally you could make the “expired” status invisible too

also remember that dynamic status can trigger notifications (email or webhook) when the condition matches and when the condition stops matching.

i think more or less this is what you wanted?

That seems the way to go. I will give it a try.


It work like a charm by using dynamic condition on the “Status” column. :slight_smile:

My last question goes on how do you managed to filter by Status? It seems to be missing from the filters (if you want to search in all pages)


check a tab called “Custom Status”

The other status (system status) i think are on the “General” tab

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