Feature - New User Interface for eramba

We are going to change eramba’s user interface in order to make it:

  • simpler
  • nicer
  • quicker

To do it right, we hired a team of people that does this kind of thing for a living. We have added two frontend developers and a dedicated UX/UI guy that does this for a living. This project has been cooking for a few months and is now about to begin.

What you should expect?

The entire system will be migrated to a new user interface in phases, we have only certainty about the first two:

1- login screen, password resets, we are preparing your account, etc
2- filters and all functionalities related to it (it will have “views”, use tabs, etc)

is very very likely we’ll continue with:

3- graphical reports (this will let you build your own charts out of the filter functionality)
4- new UI/UX for forms
5- landing pages of every module

By when?

Even when we hired additional staff to work on this project this is a mega project that of course will take 40 times longer that whatever we write here. Our plan for now includes phases 1 and 2.

1- Jan 2024
2- Q1 2024
3- Q1/Q2 2024
4- Unknown
5- Unknown


Working on the new filters, version 0.01 but is definitely going well: