Feature - NIST Cybersecurity Framework


One framework that seems to grow in popularity is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (at least in North America). Since it also already has been mapped to other frameworks (COBIT, ISA, ISO, NIST), maybe it would be something that users would like to be able to import into the Compliance Managment module.

If it’s not possible for the Eramba team to dedicate efforts in designing an import CSV for it, is there any generic template that we could use? We could, of course, then provide the work done to the community.



Easier than I thought! I made the file. I’ll send it to the Eramba team.


You are great Yan - thanks for that. Once we get your ok by email i’ll upload it.

Thank you for doing this. We are investigating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a guide/resource. Appreciate your work on this!

and is now public on our documentation - thanks again!

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Where can one find the framework file for importing