Feature - no risk colors on filter views (ongoing)


on filter views there is no nice color which I have now defined in the risk appetite, I would have expected that the score and/or the risk appetite is colored as defined:

Nothing bad, but would be nice to have some color, especially when exporting the view to pdf.

Regards and keep up the good work (looking forward to the account review function)

Hi Fabian,

We started working on the “new filters” this week, as is the base for the “new templates”…basically we are trying to am mend previous limitations.

Filters should include colours, in particular:

1- The status of the object (expired, missing reviews, etc)
2- The risk (as you mention)

I’ll ask @kristijan.sabic to issue this and @martin to read it to have it consideration for the new filters.


ps. i changed the subject from “bug” to “feature” … you know … :slight_smile:

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