Feature - Notification Days as Separate Field (no due date)

Hi Guys it would be nice if when creating a notification there was a separate filed that allowed you to select the number of days prior to the due date. This would allow us to be more flexible in when we need to start working on things.

E.g if I am looking at my support contract for a new AntiVirus provider I would need to think about that at least 9 months prior to contracts. For reviewing my policies it would be good to have reminders go out at least a month prior to allow for reviews and comments.

If I could just type a number instead of being tied to -1 -5 or -10 we can be more flexible.



I had the same question and found this old post -
I take it this feature did not get implemented yet, though?
I would also find it useful to more flexibility in specifying notification time horizons.

Hello David,
You are correct this was not implemented yet.

Ah OK!

A ‘plus one’ vote from me then, for this enhancement :slight_smile: