Feature - Notification for new Project Tasks

in our company we create project tasks and assign them to the people responsible to fulfill these tasks.
Now I want to set up a notification for new tasks to the assigned task owner.
However there is no Notification type for “New Task created” or “Task assigned”.


the “elegant” way to do this is to create a new warning notification that triggers when something “new” / “deleted” / “edited” is created … we have this on the roadmap already for some time:


But … that will take time to be built so perhaps you want to consider a dynamic status with a condition as follow:

This means that the dynamic status will trigger for anything that was created in the last 7 days … if you attach a notification to this dynamic status (warning notification) you have a solution … BUT it will trigger 7 days in a row. A quick fix for us would be to add more options on the day counters (-1 for example) … that is realistic and can be done in 1 minute and can be odne by next week’s release


Hi Team,
What is the latest update on this one please.

Have the same query, want to inform my users when new tasks (from any modules) is created and assigned to them.

Ideally they should be informed on same day, and all tasks consolidated in a single notification.


this is not urgent, i think is best if you use dynamic status + warning notifications instead