Feature - Notification Timeframes (due for r58)

When creating a notification, the max time is 10 days before expiration. When planning operations in 2 week sprints, this doesn’t really offer enough time for the teams to work out whether they need to request an extension of Policy Exception or can now comply with policies.
Is it possible to allow us to choose the specific number of days, or possibly even provide a 30 day notification option?

Hello Joanne,

Yes it can be done and is kind of “easy” so we’ll include -30,-20,+20,+30 days notifications. We cant get into the trouble now of letting users define their own number of days as it would mess up our work on templates.

Internal reference: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1282

Policy exceptions will have mass imports on the next release (a week from now) and notifications will change in the new template (they are begin developed this week), you might want to read the following:

and if you understand what “feedback” means you will see we are changing the way it works:


Thank you! I appreciate it very much